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Taxperts is full service tax and accounting firm with a team of innovative problem solvers! We’re a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and insight needed to serve our guests on a superior level. We are open year-round and offer after hours and weekend appointments to ensure we are available when our guests need us. Completely flexible and dedicated to our guests, we can customize our services to suite your needs. With our extensive line up of services, we are a one stop shop for all of your personal and business financial needs at prices not one can beat!

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Our Team

Our amazing team works year-round to give our guests exceptional service and results.  We get to know our guests, their kids, grandparents, and often times their extended family.  We love seeing where life takes people and we’re honored to have the privilege.  Below is a little information about our team, where we’ve come from, and our loves in life.



Alicia King
CEO, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Instructor

The HEART of TaxPerts! Alicia, born and raised in the beautiful state of Florida, studied at University of South Florida and has her Bachelor’s in Accounting, Marketing, and Management. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and licensed Real Estate Instructor. The diversity of her training and certifications gives her a unique perspective of taxes and real estate, and an exceptional ability to apply her knowledge of accounting and real estate to better serve our guests.

With her outstanding guest services skills and extensive training in accounting, Alicia is a natural born leader. She gets the job of tax preparation, accounting, and consulting done with precision and accuracy, while giving her guests the individual attention and quality they deserve!

A passionate sailor with a love of travel and nature in all it’s beautiful simplicity, Alicia spends a great deal of her free time in or on the water! Alicia loves exploring our great earth and absorbing all the good it has to offer with the love of her life, Chihuahua Bailey by her side!

Robert “Bobby” King
Esquire, MBA

Can you say talented? Bobby is a Buffalo, NY native who came to Florida to study and found a place he fell in love with. Taking up residence here in the Sunshine State he received his law degree and MBA from Stetson University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from Florida Southern College.

Bobby’s diverse education and experience in the field of accounting and law gives him the edge he needs to deliver quality services consistently, no matter what he is doing, making him a truly unique asset to our guests and our company.

When he is not working hard to keep our guests’s finances in order or helping them with the personal legal affairs, Bobby is creating beautiful art! His love of drawing, painting, and design gives him a creative outlet that only accentuates his love of life. Bobby is a multi-faceted gentleman with a genuine heart that is destined to succeed in business and life!

Dawn Swanner
Administrative Assistant

The glue of TaxPerts.  Dawn really holds us together and we’re so grateful for her.  Whether she’s helping a guest, assisting with office duties, or running errands, she always has a smile on her face. Her warm and loving personality makes everyone feel at home.

Dawn doesn’t consider herself flexible, but the amount of times we’ve seen her bend over backwards for guest, we’d have to politely disagree!  She is a true asset to our team and we love having her around. Dawn is dependable, honest, and hardworking; everything our company needs and everything our guests deserve!

During her personal time, Dawn loves to make memories with her family and friends the old fashioned way. A trip to the drive in movies, a peaceful day staring at the beauty of nature, or having friends and family over for dinner are a few of her favorite things. Dawn’s goal in life is to be an amazing wife, mother, and friend, and to impact other’s in a positive way.

Beverly “Bev” Lewis
Enrolled Agent

Our Matriarch! Bev was born in Cincinnati and has called Florida her home since she transferred her with her job almost fifteen years ago. She has a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Bryan College in Tennessee.

Bev worked for the IRS for over 36 years as an auditor and has a wisdom and understanding of the tax laws that only comes with time and experience! Knowing the system and how it works from both sides gives her an edge that few others can rival and our guest’s an advantage that is unsurpassed.

Few things make Bev happier than her family. She is a devoted wife and mother and has eight beautiful grandchildren. Her spare time is filled with making memories, from grabbing a movie with her husband, Marty, to reading a good book, to making a beautiful quilt. A true diamond and the epitome of what TaxPerts stands for.

Adorable Mascot

Bailey is the most adorable package of cuteness in our office!  Weighing in at a solid 5 pounds, she loves to greet our guests.  She’s shy at first, but once she gets to know you, you’re a friend for life.  At 10 years old, she’s full of wisdom, barks, few remaining teeth, and endless love.

When not greeting guests, Bailey enjoys walks, looking out the window, laying out in the sun, and carrots (yes, she’s very healthy!).  She’s extremely loyal and very friendly.  She has no enemies and brings so much love and laughter into the lives of those she meets.  Some things fill your heart without even trying - Bailey definitely lives up to that.  Woof!




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 Personal Taxes

We have the education and training that gets your taxes done accurately and gets them done fast! We offer e-file services, direct deposit and can withhold preparation fees from a refund. Our highly trained team is able to take care of any IRS issues and advise on the most beneficial way to file your taxes in order to reduce your tax liability and receive the maximum refund. We prepare Federal, State, and Local taxes. We work with guests both locally and from afar, depending on guest’s needs.

Business Taxes 

Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporate, and Trusts/Estates - our team can take care of them all! With extensive knowledge in business returns, Taxperts knows the best way to file your taxes to minimize your liability. We can run different scenarios for guests to make sure they are filing taxes in the most beneficial way possible. Our team stays on top of Federal, State, and and Local laws that are important when filing your company’s returns, ensuring accuracy, all possible deductions, and a quick turnaround time.


If your company is looking to set up payroll for the first time or if you already have existing payroll, we can help. We can assist you with filing State and Federal Government applications and employee data when you are starting payoll or take over payroll you have already established. Payroll services include preparing and delivering payroll reports, filing employment tax returns, making federal tax payments, and preparing all annual forms, including W-2’s. We also offer direct deposit.


We offer flexible bookkeeping options that are tailored to your business! No matter how little or how much you need, we can help. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial statement preparation, and monthly or quarterly reconciliations are just a few of the available services.  For larger businesses, such as Homeowner’s Associations and Not-for-Profits, we offer onsite services to prepare and oversee the finances and accounting. Our extensive list of services is completely customizable and based on our guests individual needs.

Tax Forecasting

Avoid paying too much to Uncle Sam by planning ahead to minimize your liability during any given year. Many things can affect your tax return - big purchases, selling a home, inheritance, sale of stocks and dividends, cashing in an insurance policy or 401K. With so many variables, we recommend sitting down with one of our professionals to discuss the impact your decisions will have on your tax liability. No matter where we are in the year, we can help you strategize and be prepared for the upcoming tax season!


Considering starting a new business or in need of advice on the one you already have? Our team has the answers you need to be in compliance with State and Local laws that govern your business. We can help you with all the details ranging from company formation, to best practices, to employment questions, and even what software to use. You have questions and our dedicated team has the answers!


Imagine coming into an inviting office space, greeting by a smiling receptionist who asks you to fill out a little information about yourself. You’re taken back almost immediately and warmly greeted by your tax professional. Your appointment with our tax professional is quick and painless – usually 30 minutes or less. When finished, you receive a copy of your tax return, your original tax documents, and special offers for local businesses – all nicely packaged to put right into your filing cabinet. 24-48 hours after your visit, you’ll receive a follow-up email confirming your return was accepted by the IRS and thanking for you coming in. If it’s your first time visiting with us, look for a hand-written note in the mail. And if you refer someone, look for some green stuff hand delivered right to your door!

Doesn’t that sound like a great experience?! At Taxperts, that’s exactly what we offer. Quick, easy, effortless, and always painless! We appreciate our guests and show them in every way possible.



Taxperts is AMAZING!  They are such a professional company.  I called and was seen the same day by Alicia, they asked appropriate questions, and I got the highest refund I’ve ever gotten.  I’ll never use a large tax company again.  The experience was so personal.  Taxperts is definitely my new tax company! 
John M.
I’ve been with Taxperts since 2009.  I am a loyal guest because I’m treated so well.  Each year, I’m able to sit down with someone during the Fall to make sure I won’t be surprised during tax time with a large tax bill.  All of the employees are so nice.  I fully trust Taxperts and recommend them to anyone filing a tax return.  You won’t be disappointed!
Andrea J.
Always affordable pricing, staff knows what they’re doing, quick turn-around when I drop my documents off, direct deposit - what more could you ask for?  Taxperts is a great company and I appreciate all they’ve done for me.  I’ll continue to be a guest as along as I’m around!
Lorne D.
What a blessing to have found Taxperts!!  I got a letter from the IRS and was scared out of my mind.  Taxperts helped me to get the letter taken care of and when it was all said and done, I actually got an additional refund for that year!!  When I first got the letter, I had no idea what it was about or what to do since I had prepared my taxes on my own, but they helped me figure everything out.  I was so impressed with their professionalism.  I’ll never be doing my taxes on my own again.  Thank you so much for all your help!  I’ll be seeing you guys from now on.
Michelle T.
I was introduced to Taxperts three years ago by my family, all of who go to Taxperts. I was seeing another accountant for many years, but after my family raved so much about Taxperts, I figured I’d give them a try. I had no idea what I’d been missing! They found all kinds of mistakes on my previous year’s return and told me about deductions I never knew about. I see why my whole family goes there! I’ll definitely be going back from now on!
David H.
If you’re thinking about trying Taxperts, don’t hesitate. You’ll love them. I moved out of state two years ago and I still send them my stuff. They prepare my Federal and State return and we do everything over email. Extremely convenient and I know I can trust them. Taxes aren’t something you can risk getting wrong - this company is a sure bet.
Lola C.
I will never have anyone do my taxes other than Taxperts! Alicia and Bev are both awesome. Such a wonderful staff, always so friendly and helpful. I know I can trust them and they’re always on top of new laws and changes. Any time I have a question, I call and they have answers. I love that they’re open year-round in case I need something. Best company around!
Bailey M.
I’ve been having Taxperts do my taxes for company accounting and taxes, as well as my personal taxes for two years. I’m always pleased with the service. This year, my dad passed away and they were able to help me tidy up his estate tax work. I was thankful I could hand the stuff over and they could take care of it. Having the death of a parent is hard enough, so it’s wonderful to have such a knowledgeable company that can handle my affairs.
George H.
WE LOVE TAXPERTS! They’re always friendly and know what they’re doing. We’re in and out because they know us and have a history with us. They don’t mind when we bring the kids, even though it’s a professional office. The kids do well because we aren’t there long, but they provide them with coloring books, which also helps! If you’re considering making a switch, I’d definitely recommend Taxperts!
Laura W.


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